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HeatingOil4Less.com provides the East Coast with cash-saving options.!

OYSTER BAY, NY - Brutal weather patterns continue to attack the east coast of the country. Cold winds chill Northerners to the bone on a daily basis. As the Middle East crisis forges onward, the costs of fuel continue to rise. That holds true for heating oil as well. HeatingOil4Less.com provides the NY, NJ and PA with cash-saving options. It is an online marketplace that electronically matches consumers with merchants who are offering reduced rates for heating oil.

Company president, Mark Stutzmann proclaims, "If you are not saving 20% on your heating oil bills, then I'm not doing my job." This 1986 honors graduate of Wesley College has been awarded three patents, one of which is pending for his development of the site's application. Mark co-founded the organization with Frederick Stutzmann who was also an honors graduate from the University of Richmond in 1984. Together with Salvatore Venuto, Director of Sales, Mark and Frederick remain highly motivated in doing their parts to ease the burdens of the fractured economy."Our customers have to sacrifice part of their quality of life on a daily basis because of the high costs of fuel oil. We are here to help get that back for them." Frederick says.

When you visit the site, all you have to do is enter your zip code. At that point, you will be presented with an impressive selection of heating oil providers that service your area. The easy-to-use application, designed by Stutzmann himself, consolidates all of the available local suppliers. "Every company that delivers heating oil in your region is instantly within your reach." Stutzmann says. "There is no confusing guess work." They are all in competition for your business and that's what drives the prices down. Stutzmann further says, "Decreased prices are always one of the results of increased competition with a given demand." The success of the business is skyrocketing as a result of his innovative model of operation.

The company's 300% month over month increases in its customer base and sales is making more than the NY, NJ and PA take notice; they have already been approached by a German banking organization to discuss the possibilities of taking the company public. "They'll have to get in line though." Stutzmann says. "We are already in the middle of discussions with two local investment firms concerning the company's expansion - first locally and then nationally." HeatingOil4Less is quickly becoming one of the most promising investment opportunities on the East Coast. Stutzmann said, "We're going to keep spreading the word and increasing our number of service providers isted until everybody is aware of how much money they can save."

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