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About Home Heating Oil

Home heating oil in the United States is also known as No. 2 heating oil or oil heat, which is highly inflammable liquid petroleum product with low viscosity. It is mainly used as fuel in furnaces in buildings or boilers. In the United States of America, conformation to ASTM standard D396 is a must. Kerosene and diesel which are mostly mistaken to be similar must also conform to ASTM standards, which are distinct.

In the US, where ever natural gas is not available in abundance supply, heating oil is used widely in various regions. Though it is available at other places, some prefer to use it for its lower cost per BTU.

Manufactures of furnaces and boilers have perfected the head oil and triple pass boilers retention and theoretical efficiencies of over 90% has been reported achieved. Efficiencies of that level means lower temperature of fuel gas required, which causes condensation that cannot be handled by most oil burners. Practically about 86% efficiencies can be achieved.

Tank trucks deliver heating oil to municipal, residential and commercial buildings. The storage is done in above the ground storage tanks (AST). Basements, garages and next to buildings outside are ideal locations for the ASTs. Underground storage tanks are also used but in lesser degree. The lower costs of ASTs are typical to small installations. Instances of heating oil for industrial use and power generation can be seen.

In countries like UK, additives like red dyes are used in heating oil, giving it the name Red diesel. In European Union, as a Euromarker, solvent yellow 124 is used as an additive.

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The prices of home heating oil change fast, and there is no guaranty that rates posted on heatingoil4less will not be changed by the oil companies. Prices may change many times in a day. When selecting a home heating oil company, compare and consider price as only one of the factors, as service is also very important.

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