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This Service Plan is available to customers of Heatingoil4less.com who purchase ALL their fuel oil and all heating systems services from us during the term of the Plan and whose payments are in accordance with our payment terms. The Service Plans become effective after our inspection and approval of your Heating system.

Platinum Plan

$37.99 per month

with oil only 25 cents over cost

This plan is for customers who want total peace of mind.

Full Service up to (2) Zones
All Parts, Labor, Automatic Deliveries
Three (3) Year Service Agreement

Oil 25 Cents above our Cost

Cleaning, Tune up and Adjustments

* This plan includes an annual cleaning, tune-up, and adjustment of your heating system. Labor included.

* This agreement is good for one (1) year

* Emergency service calls such as; NO HEAT, NO HOT WATER or MAJOR OIL OR WATER LEAKS will be rendered on a 24 hour basis October 15 - April 15. All other service calls will be schedules during regular business hours. Monday - Saturday 8:00am t0 4:00pm.

* Any service calls resulting: from running out of oil, too low on oil, water or sludge in tank, frozen or faulty oil is not covered under this agreement.

* Any water parts, Stack Relay, Chamber, Smoke Pipe, Coil, Extols, Expansion Tank, Tiger Loop, Etc.

Labor Coverage: If your furnace or boiler requires service, the labor will be covered at No cost to you. This service is expected to occur during normal business hours. However, the plan includes Emergency Service that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Parts Covered:: Aqua stat, Auto vent, Burner Motor, Cad Cell Relay, Circulator, Circulator Bearing, Circulator Motor, Draft Regulator, Emergency Switch, Extrol Tank, Feed Valve, Flow Valve, Ignition Transformer, Oil Filter, Relief Valve, Smoke Pipe (up to 8" Diameter).

BURNER:: Blast Tube, Coupling, Electrodes, End Cone, Fan, Fuel Pump, Motor, Nozzle, Oil Filter, Pump Strainer, Transformer

Controls: Aqua stat, Cad Cell Eye, Cad Cell Relay, Circulator Relay, Emergency Switch, Pressure Control, Stack Relay, Thermostat

Water Parts:: Auto Vent, Bearing Assembly, Circulator, Circulator Assembly, Dual Valve, Extrol Tank, Feed Valve, Flow Valve, Relief Valve, Zone Valve

Misc.Parts::Blower Motor, Expansion Tank, Glass Gauge, Fir meter Valve, XXX Relay


1. The term of the Plan is for a one (1) year period and will re-new automatically every year unless terminated by either the customer or HO4L. The Plan automatically terminates if the customer no longer purchases all of its heating oil from HO4L. No credit will be issued if the Plan is canceled before the expiration date.

2. Under the Service Plan, labor is provided free of charge to the customer for the repair or replacement of the described heating system parts or components. Repairs or services not covered by the Plan will be performed and charged to the customer at prevailing rates. Parts are not covered in either plan.

3. The Service Plan does not cover labor or materials to repair damage to the heating system or residence caused by the customers neglect such as failure to have sufficient fuel oil in the tank (unless oil is being delivered under our automatic delivery program), insufficient water for boiler, blown fuses or other failure of electrical system, improper thermostat settings or faulty thermostat, having heating system switches in the OFF position, debris build up in the air or venting systems and other causes related to the improper operation or maintenance of the heating system by the customer. Damage, repairs or replacement of parts or components caused by Acts of God, fire, flood, freezing, storm or weather conditions, power loss or surges, water damage, and fuel flow problems due to outside fuel storage are not covered by either Plan.

4. Heatingoil4less.com will provide service as soon as practical and during regular business hours under normal conditions. Heatingoil4less.com is not liable for any delay or failure to provide service due to conditions beyond its control such as Acts of God, labor disturbances or strikes, unavailability of mechanics or parts, failure or interruption of customers electricity, inaccessibility of the heating system, storms, floods or other severe weather conditions, or government laws or regulations.

5. The Service Plan covers labor for those heating system parts or components described in the Plan. Examples of components not included in the Plan are boiler and furnace and related piping, underground oil storage tanks, storage tanks larger than 330 gallons, tanks with preexisting leaks, patches or unstable conditions, air conditioning systems, humidifiers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, hot water heating systems and air and venting systems. The Plan does not cover environmental clean up or waste disposal services.

6. Customer agrees to release and hold Heatingoil4less.comharmless from all claims related to loss or damage to personal or real property caused by fire, flood, freezing, power loss or surges, oil leakage, and premises left unattended. Customer agrees that Heatingoil4less.comshall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages.

7. This Service Plan automatically transfers to new homeowners in the event that the residence serviced by the Plan is sold. Labor costs not covered in the plan to repair or replace the following: Oil tanks, Oil lines, Boilers, Black pipe, water heaters, tank less heaters, tank less gaskets, indirect water heaters, baseboard, radiators, boiler gaskets, oil burners, copper tubing, furnaces, heat exchanges, air handlers duct work, venting systems, power vent motors, air cleaners, humidifiers, air conditioning, condensers, steam valves, steam vents, low water cutoffs, water feeders, dampers.


A furnace heats your house by warming air and directing it through air ducts to registers throughout your house.

A boiler works by heating water or steam which then circulates through pipes to radiators or baseboards which then heat your house.

The furnace and boiler have a combustion chamber where fuel oil is mixed with air and burned. This is your oil burner. Through normal operation your heating system collects dust and dirt and may reduce your heating systems operating efficiency. Annual cleanings, tune-up and adjustments are strongly recommended. A well maintained heating system is central to burning fuel efficiently and keeping your family warm.

Your oil tank is probably located in your basement or on the side of your house. Condensation and changes in temperature can form moisture in your tank. If any customer is interested in how to protect your oil tank, please contact our office.

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